Monday, May 3, 2010

Article: 3,000 European Jews assail settlement policy

This article in the Hartford Courant comes from a more substantial Associated Press story supposedly about more than 3,000 European Jews criticizing the Israeli government. A longer version may be viewed at,0,314359.story. The published article corresponds to the first, third and fourth paragraphs of the article on the web.

The version on the web quotes the president of France's Jewish community explaining why he objected to the petition, but that was omitted from the published version, making it even more unbalanced.

The article itself is a shoddy piece of reporting. It gives no indication of to whom it refers. (The version on the web names three signers of a petition, but does not indicate who is responsible or who created the petition.)

The article concerns a petition at That site, contrary to general standards used on Internet, gives no indication of what person or group is responsible for the site and the petition. The site links to a related Facebook page which also gives no indication of who is responsible. The Internet whois directory does not disclose the registrant. (Note: This is highly unusual; this is the only such instance I've ever run across.)

Although the article refers to the signatories as being Jews, a cursory look at the list makes it clear many, if not most, are not Jews.


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