Monday, June 21, 2010

Article: Israeli panel to probe deadly Gaza flotilla raid

Date: June 15, 2010

This article was a variation of the Sanders article Israelis have mixed feelings about flotilla inquiry published by the Los Angeles Times.

The article reported on the creation by Israel of a panel to investigate the Gaza flotilla incident, but contained significant amounts of opinion and included criticism of unnamed "critics" without including any balancing opinions.

Opinion. Bias: Thea article begins "With a sense of relief and a touch of anxiety, Israelis braced themselves Monday for another high profile probe of their military's conduct."

This injects the writer's interpretation of Israel's mood. The wording "another high profile probe" also creates the impression "high level probes" are routine and involves wrongdoing by the military.

Opinion: The writer also gave his opinion for the reason behind the "hope:" that the inquiry would head off United Nations calls for an international inquiry.

Misleading. Half-Truths. Omissions: The writer refers to those killed merely as "activists," making no reference to the fact they were armed and trained mercenaries who initiated an attack on the Israelis boarding the vessel.

Omission: The writer referred to the infamous Goldstone Commission's conclusion that "Israel committed war crimes" without any reference to the biased nature of the probe, the inclusion among the commission members of people who publicly condemned Israel prior to their appointment, its being conducted under the auspices of the incurably anti-Israel Human Rights Council or the admission by its chair that its conclusions had not been proven in any way that would stand up in a courtroom.

Opinion: The author injected his opinion about the mindset of the Israeli prime minister as he set up the commission.

Opinion: The writer injected his opinion that the "panel will have a narrow mandate."

Omission. Misleading: The writer referred to Hamas as merely an "Islamic militant group," omitting any use of the word "terror."

Unbalanced. Absence of Rebuttal: The writer gave the opinion of critics, saying they "noted that the commission does not have the independence and investigative authority of a so-called national inquiry commission," but did not give any balancing opinions.


Factual Accuracy: 8
Bias-Free: 5
Pro-Israel: 0
Anti-Israel: 5

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