Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Article: King, Obama pledge work on 2-state solution

Date: June 30, 2010

The Courant published a photo of President Barack Obama with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. The caption read: "President Barack Obama poses Tuesday with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. After a private meeting they addressed a news conference, with Obama saying their talk covered a number of strategic issues, including Iran's nuclear program, Pakistan and Afghanistan, as well as 'the importance of moving forward in a swift and bold way in securing a Palestinian homeland that can live side by side with a secure and prosperous Israeli state.'"

The caption was simultaneously factual but unbalanced and misleading, suffering from sins of omission.

By omitting key context, including the continued unwillingness of the Saudis to even meet with Israel and its participation in the Arab boycott, the caption furthered the mistaken impression that the meeting was between to leaders whose sole interest, at least regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict and its Palestinian Arab-Israeli component, was peace.


Factual Accuracy: 10
Bias-Free: 9
Pro-Israel: 0
Anti-Israel: 0

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