Monday, November 15, 2010

Article: U.S., Israel spar; talks in peril; Obama criticizes construction plan in east Jerusalem; Netanyahu firm

Date: Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This was an article by Christi Parsons <> and Paul Richter about President Obama criticizing construction in Israel's capital and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu reacting to that criticism.

Opinion. Distortion: The article used charged language, beginning by saying "Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu clashed publicly Tuesday with President Barack Obama," referring to Netanyahu's tone as "defiant."

Misleading: The article refers to Netanyahu "saying his government had never agreed to limit construction there," casting doubt on that despite the fact that the Israeli government has repeatedly and publicly insisted it would never limit construction in its capital.

Opinion: The writers inserted their opinion that Israeli construction "could harm renewed Mideast peace talks.

Opinion: The writers inserted their opinion that Netanyahu's "tone may embarrass Obama."

Opinion: The writers inserted their opinion that "Palestinian Authority leaders will not hold direct talks unless Israel halts construction in the disputed areas."

Illogical: The writers buttress their opinion that the Arabs won't negotiate unless Israel halts construction by saying "Palestinians contend the Israeli units are on lands whose ownership should be decided in negotiations," a contention in conflict with an insistence on a construction halt, since such an insistence is really an attempt to predetermine ownership in advance of negotiations.


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