Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Analysis: Direct peace talks may begin soon

Date: Sunday, August 15, 2010

This was an article by Paul Richter about the likelihood that there would be a resumption of direct talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.

Lack of Balance: There is a contrast between "Though Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he is ready to make "painful sacrifices" for peace, his government and the Knesset may be among Israel's most conservative ever" and "Abbas' ability to deliver on an agreement is in question: The Hamas militant group, not his government, controls the 1.5 mil lion Palestinians who live in the Gaza Strip," giving Abbas a free pass by attributing difficulties on his end to factors beyond his control while not mentioning his unwillingness to make any concessions.

Omission. Lack of Balance: The writer made the one-sided observation "Abbas fears that unless there is prior agreement on a basic agenda for talks, based on the results of past negotiations, the Israelis could make unrealistic demands, then blame him for a breakdown," giving it unwarranted validity and omitting any reference to either the many unrealistic demands of the Palestinian Arabs, such as unlimited immigration into Israel of millions of hostile Palestinian Arabs and the division of Israel's capital.


Factual Accuracy: 10
Bias-Free: 8
Pro-Israel: 0
Anti-Israel: 1

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