Sunday, September 19, 2010

Article: U.S. diplomat tries to get skeptical Syria on board

Date: Friday, September 17, 2010

This was a short article, by Sarah Birke and Borzou Daragahi, reporting on George Mitchell traveling to Damascus trying to get the Syrians to support the talks between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs.

Opinion: The writers inserted their opinions that "Syria is thought to be skeptical about the talks," that "Syrian officials do not believe Israel's leadership would be willing to return the Golan Heights" and that Syrian officials "doubt an Israeli-Palestinian peace would last without the approval of Hamas." It omitted any reference to the fact that Israel has in the past offered to give the Golan Heights to Syria in exchange for peace, but Syria refused.

Lack of Balance: The article presented what it purported were Syrian beliefs and also quoted a Syrian official without presenting either opinions or quotes from Israelis.


Factual Accuracy: 9
Bias-Free: 7
Pro-Israel: 0
Anti-Israel: 2

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