Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Article: U.N. will investigate Israeli raid on aid ship

Date: Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This was a mostly factual report a planned United Nations investigation of the Gaza flotilla incident.

Bias. Inaccuracies. Omission: The title and content misleadingly referred to an Israeli "raid" and referred to it as being "deadly," without mentioning Israel was merely trying to divert the ship to Ashdod to offload the cargo for transfer to Gaza, with the incident becoming violent only because the armed mercenaries on the ship attacked the Israelis.

Omission: The article omitted any mention of the other United Nations investigation, by the highly biased Human Rights Council.

Omission. Inaccuracies: The article incorrectly referred to the ship as an "aid ship," despite the admission by the organizers of the flotilla that it wasn't sent to provide aid but was sent to break the Israeli blockade [on arms being transferred to Gaza].


Factual Accuracy: 9
Bias-Free: 9
Pro-Israel: 0
Anti-Israel: 3

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